Law of Attraction: How To Manifest Great New Friends!

Law of Attraction: Good friends ARE NOT hard to come by

Being a Manifesting Master includes KNOWING who you want in your life: friends, relationship, work partners, roommates, workout buddys, etc.. Good friends are ‘hard to come by’ only if you keep telling yourself that. Good friends ARE NOT hard to come by.

Let’s talk about manifesting or creating exactly who you want to attract into your life.

Law of Attraction: Identify ‘The Contrast’ or WHAT YOU DON’T WANT

Before rushing out the door to find your new friend there’s a very important first step. Know who you are looking for first before looking for them.

What Is Contrast?
Contrast, as it applies to the Law of Attraction, is anything you don’t like,
doesn’t feel good, or causes you to be in a negative mood.
Michael J. Losier

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Law of Attraction: Why is Contrast or knowing what you don’t want important?

Contrast allows you to get very clear on WHAT YOU DON’T WANT which makes WHAT YOU DO WANT very clear.

What’s the best way to find who you are looking for in a friend? Look at your past friendships. Look at what you didn’t like about your past friends.

Here’s a list to give you some ideas of what I mean:

  • My past friend criticized me
  • My past friend was negative
  • My past friend never wanted to do what I wanted to do
  • My past friend was always needing something from me
  • My past friend was never there when I needed them
  • My past friend needed to feel more important than me
  • My past friend smoked & I’m sensitive to smoke
  • My past friend made fun of people
  • My past friend borrowed money & never paid me back

Are you getting the pattern? Take a moment and write down similar statements about your past friends. Right now were focusing on the negative.

Now list out the positive things you’re looking for in a friend. Here is a partial list to get you started:

  • My good friend supports me where I am
  • My good friend gets excited about what’ important to me
  • My good friend shares as well as listens
  • My good friend has a similar outlook on life
  • My good friend wants me to be happy
  • My good friend has a positive outlook on life
  • My good friend gets excited for me when things go well
  • My good friend cheers me on
  • My good friend finds the positive in me
  • My good friend is with me through thick and thin

Once you have identified your positive statements it’s time to create your Declaration Statement. Here’s an example:

DECLARATION STATEMENT: I really like being around my good friend because they are always positive and we make each other laugh. My friend goes hiking with me, out to eat and to the movies. My friend is the best! He/She supports me through thick and thin and I really feel appreciated by them. I’m so excited to have such a great friend!

This is a brief version of a Daily Declaration Statement. You can make it as long as you would like. Putting everything you are looking for into a declaration statement and reading it consistently throughout your day is very powerful.

Keep your declaration statement close to you at all times. Read it several times each day. In a very short time your new friend will show up!
QUOTATION SOURCE: “Law of Attraction” by Michael J. Losier

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